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Custom field of view?

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Is there anyway to customise the FOV on the F3 view? I'm having a problem with the F3 CITV view in the M1A2 SEP. With using F3, the buttons on the left - MAN, AUTO, CITVGLOS etc are cut off the side of my monitor. It makes it impossibleto tell which mode I'm in. Can I change the viewpoint / zoom to get round this? I've noticed in videos that others don't have this problem - a function of screen res and widescreen I guess?


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My resolution is 1280 x 1024, the max the monitor will allow.

A related question - does anyone know if, in real life, the TC hand controller has short keys for CITV GLOS / GPSGLOS and the scan modes? It would make his (and our) life easier if it did....

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