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How to make missile team to switch position?

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I have made two bp to missile team and i want that team will switch to second position after firing missile. I have made route with embark if condition rule unit this is low on ready ammo, team seems proceed to route immediately. Same behaviour with unit this is low on stored ammo. How to make it correct?

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I wonder if the fact that missile teams carry a small number of rounds means that they are always deemed low on stored/ready ammo by the condition logic?

If so, one workaround would be to create a region to serve as an "engagement area" and set the team to embark a certain number of seconds after it sees an enemy AFV in the engagement area. Make sure that the delay time is sufficient for the unit to detect and fire on the enemy and also enough time for missile flyout. This will not be flawless, however, because sometimes it will see an enemy vehicle and not engage right away. In that case, it will end up embarking before it has fired.

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