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Langley 2008


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I apologize for the slightly aerosexual nature of this post, but cool shit is cool shit...

My wife and I caught the Air Power over Hampton Roads airshow at Langley AFB yesterday.

Langley 2008 Airshow: ( album here for all pics)

th_Langley_Airshow_2008032.jpg this is link to a slide show.

Business end of the A-10. The pilot told me that the dent on the nose is from air-to-air refueling attempts gone bad


The GAU-8/A rifling detail is impressive


B-2 Spirit fly-by


The C-17 is huge


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F-35 JSF - I think this may be a mock-up, but then again, it has already been in flight testing... hard to tell


F-15 Strike Eagle in full burner


F-22 Raptor


F-22 Raptor vectoring thrust


Sorry that its not tank-porn.

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Nice pics.

If you think the C-17 is big though, you should check out a C-5.

I remember getting out of our C-17 in Ramstein and seeing one sitting in a hangar. Thing was rediculous.

I spent my teenaged summer days surfing on the south-facing shores of Oahu, Hawai'i. When the winds went westerly or on-shore seabreeze, the C-141s and C-5s coming into Hickam AFB/Honolulu Int'l established a flight path right along the shoreline. They were certainly MASSIVE looking just from the shoreline. I'd say they moved between 1000 and 500 ft on their approach to Runway 26 Left and the whine of the engines was deafening.

I've seen a C-5 at an airshow at the now defunct Barber's Point NAS in the 1990s, but I didn't expect the C-17 to be as big as it is. I guess the pictures of the C-17 don't give the same impression as when you are standing under that tail.

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Here are some specs:


Payload: 170,900 lb

Length: 174 ft (53 m)

Wingspan: 169.8 ft (51.75 m)

Height: 55.1 ft (16.8 m)

Max takeoff weight: 585,000 lb (265,350 kg)

Powerplant: 4× Pratt & Whitney F117-PW-100 turbofans, 40,440 lbf (180 kN) each

Fuel capacity: 35,546 US gal (134,556 L)

Cruise speed: Mach 0.76 (450 knots, 515 mph, 830 km/h)

Range: 2,420 nmi[71] (2,785 mi, 4,482 km)

Service ceiling 45,000 ft (13,716 m)


Payload: 270,000 lb (120,000 kg)

Length: 247 ft 1 in (75.3 m)

Wingspan: 222 ft 9 in (67.89 m)

Height: 65 ft 1 in (19.84 m)

Wing area: 6,200 ft² (580 m²)

Empty weight: 380,000 lb (170,000 kg)

Max takeoff weight: 840,000 lb (381,000 kg)

Powerplant: 4× General Electric TF39 high-bypass turbofans, 43,000 lbf (190 kN) each

Maximum speed: Mach 0.79 (500 knots, 570 mph, 920 km/h)

Range: 2,400 nmi (2,761 mi, 4,445 km) with a 263,200 lb payload

Service ceiling 34,000 ft (10.4 km)

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600 rpm per barrel... nothing huge. And that is after the run-up period too..

Average is slightly less..

The Oerliken KCA, firing the same cartridge, although different ammunition natures, is 1350 rpm from a single barrel.

The GSh301 is up to 1800 rpm from a single barrel firing the 30x165 cartridge which is slightly less powerful.

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