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SB v4.0?


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Chris (Ells228) from VEAO mentions that he is looking at an augmented reality system for DCS, sounds promising and could have a lot of aplications in other fields too.

On a more positive note, I've just had a demo of an augmented reality system.

There are multiple applications for this type of technology but the one I'm most interested in is a headset and gloves combo.

You wear a headset very similar to the Rift and wear a set of gloves that are both hooked up to a PC.

The image is projected onto the goggles much the same as the Rift so you would see the Hawk cockpit as an example.

The gloves then allow you to interact with the switches/dials in the cockpit and it applies pressure on your fingers and hand if you "touch" something so it feels like you've touched a switch but essentially nothing is in front of your fingers or hand.

You can even model the stick and throttle in there and not physically have one in front of you but it will feel like you're holding them.

I've seen demo's of this in the past but nothing as advanced as what I've seen today.

I'm really excited with this technology not only for military applications but for home use also.

If all goes well we'll be looking to partner with the company to develop solutions for DCS.

More to come soon,



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