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Organizing weekly "hardcore" SB mission


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Regarding your summary Paladin:

Yes I left the enemy at COY(+) strenght on purpose.(see what I sent you and at UO about the missions purpose)

And yes:If you want, I put in follow on forces and we try that one again.

I'll need to use the AAR of the first mission how long you needed to take out the vanguard/probing attack...and then time the spawning according to that.

I don't want them to spawn to soon (we can shorten the time when we get better ;) )

It is hard to fall back to another phase-line if you are unable to break contact/are still engaged.

Yeah, I'd like to put the mission back in the queue to try it again against the full enemy battalion. So, whenever you get a chance to modify it, send it along to me.

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if you watch the last minute of the Bravo platoon, you can see the danish leopard in my thermal imager. I thought, hmm a Leopard2 and took a map view and saw no own Leopards in the north. I was wondering why can I see a Leopard2 in the north, when our Leopards were in the north west??? I was absolutly focused to find T-XX tanks. Seconds later it makes "Hey Dude danish army has Leopards too" and I reported to Katie. 1 Second later he died and I a short time later. I was out of smoke, damn.


D u k e

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Here's the video of our 20 Dec 2014 mission, "Clearing Fjarrby." Since I was in 1st Platoon, and D u k e was in 2nd Platoon, this video offers a different perspective than D u k e 's Twitch stream above.


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I'm going to be away this coming Saturday, so I was planning to wait until the 10th to schedule a new mission. But, or course, if people want to organize something for this weekend that's fine. But I hope we can delay the start of the campaign until I'm available.

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Great, I've just spent 3hours in Mirkwood so I guess I've done the MRE for this?

Is this one mission per week for X weeks or "LNoT like" with multiple missions on the one date?

I'm planing for are one per week or every 2 weeks modus. Each mission will have a company size force for the players. We will cover mech, recon and light infantry in the different missions. The last mission will have 2 mech companies...as a "great final".

So i'm hoping to recruit 6 COs (one for each mission; 2 for the last one).details will follow when i'm back at my PC.

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