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Short Promotional Video.

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Thanks to the guys in Target VU for this short promotional video.

UKA/SVU and Target VU will be participating in a custom made cold war era mission.

Were going retro, equipment wise T-62 v leo_AS1 .M113A1v BTR-80. A big thanks in advance to all that have made this possible.

A lot of work went in to the mission design and preparation by both units.

Good luck to all involved.

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Our happy slaughtering will start on Sunday 05/11

approximately at 20:00 GMT.

We are really looking forward to meet UK Armour again, even if we get our behinds kicked ... ;) Great guys

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Hi TacBat,

the more the merrier however I would recommend that you (or any prospective player) attend at least one SVU manoeuvre training session (the next is the 5th) rather than just turning up on the night. We have a certain way we train to manoeuvre large Soviet formations (as doctrinally correct as possible) and it would be best you could get a quick overview of how we do it.

If you would like to play on the blue side you would have to contact a member of TARGET

eg Nachtfalke.

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Hello friends

It pleases me that already shows our battle with the UK Armour such an interest, but we are still a small German community and have no experience with International engagements.

With the UK Armour let us recollect our experiences, to learn and test our Sever and TS 3

As a next step, we plan to drive Multinational battles

I ask all others for your understanding and hope that we can welcome you at TARGET on our first Multinational Battle

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