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Virtual Unit rules for SB.com community TS server


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Hello everyone,

Some new virtual unit (VU) rules were created this week to better establish a process on how VU units will be created in the SB.com TS server, as well as basic rules relating to VU conduct and VU related server maintenance.

Note that these rules used to be part of the "Game behavior guidelines" thread, but it was split into this one since it didn't make much sense there.

Virtual Unit (channel) rules for SB.com TS server:

  1. Virtual Unit (VU) channels will no longer be created for one or two community members - at least SIX members are required before creating a channel. Anyone wanting to create a VU channel should post a thread in the Multiplayer Forum with the name of the VU, then they are required to have five other members post to that thread saying that they would like to be a member of that VU. At that point the VU channel will be created in the SB.com TS server as long as the user creating the channel has not previously had a VU channel deleted from the server. NOTE: If you are someone who wants to create a VU channel to just sit in, to gather new faces to play games then you should sit in the "Looking for a game" channel and then go to any In Game channel once they start a game --that is what these channels are intended for.
  2. VUs are responsible for the conduct of their members. A member is defined as someone who frequently hangs out in the associated VU channel. If someone in the VU is violating community rules then they should be told to leave the VU - if they refuse, then the TS admin should be notified. Group punishment may be used in cases where VU members are especially troublesome (no more excuses will be tolerated that "person X does his own thing" but yet the VU continues to allow the user to participate with them).
  3. VU channels will be permanently deleted/banned from SB.com TS server if it is deemed that the VU is causing too much trouble, conflict and/or drama within the community. This behavior includes disruptive or bad game behavior (ie. cheating) by its members (VUs are responsible for their own members) as well as, but not limited to: hateful behavior, disrupting TGIF, extensive internal quarreling. There is a zero-tolerance policy in regards to these issues. If a VU's channel is deleted, do not look at it as the VU has died, just move it somewhere else and continue. Essentially we will no longer tolerate community strife on the official Steel Beasts.com TeamSpeak server and there are plenty of other servers VUs can go to (or the VU can host its own server). NOTE: This rule is exists for the extreme cases: it will happen only when a VU repeatedly gets moderators involved in its internal affairs.
  4. If a VU channel is removed from the SB.com TS server, then the user who created it is forbidden from applying for a new VU channel on the server.
  5. A VU channel may get deleted from the SB.com TS server if the VU has not been active for a period of one year. If this happens, it is not a punishment and is simply a matter of "house cleaning": just notify the admin that the unit has become active again and the channel will be added back to the server.
  6. VUs may play whatever games they like in their channel as long as the VU does not disrupt TGIF or any other official SB.com Steel Beasts related games. At some point though, naturally this can become an issue if the VU never plays Steel Beasts however.
  7. VUs do not have to participate in TGIF nor any SB.com Steel Beasts related events, however a VU should not pull people away from these events (soliciting others to not participate (a boycott) and/or soliciting people to participate in a VU's game instead) -- this is considered disruptive and will result in the banning of the individual doing the soliciting and, in the case where it happens repeatedly, the VU channel will get removed from the server.
  8. A VU can use the file browser in their channel to upload files, all that we ask is that VU periodically cleans out their file browser from time to time. TS moderators may periodically clean up the server when channels have more than 100 Mb of files in them.

If a VU wants to host its own free TS server, go here:



We appreciate the community's understanding on this issue.

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