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How to make the Leopard 2A5+ a more perfect tank.

Azure Lion

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Can I point something out here?

The best computer ever developed so far is the one sitting between your ears.

Until the human race can match that synthetically, (and all the scare stories that come with it) there will still be a need for brains and boots on the field.

And remote linking probably won't really work in close contact with the enemy as the brain works best and quickest with its preferred suite of sensors, Eyes Ears, Nose etc.

If you were to build a remote AI controlled tank right now, Steel beasts AI would probably be the best solution (that I am aware of anyway) and we all know how much hand holding it needs.

And its slightly skewered threat prioritizing matrix.

I think based on the current rate of technological progress Human Crewed Heavy Tanks will last for another generation or two after this current generation are phased out before AI technology will start to catch up.

And technological means both hardware and software.

As for Killer Armoured Robots, Making anything proof against 7.62mm of over would just be unwieldy. Speed is a form of Armour too.

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Better tank IMO is better views around the tank.We all have lost tanks from not seeing enemies who then fire on the flanks or rear.This got me thinking that the driver and loader should have cameras setup that they can view the sides.The LEO2 tanks have the rear camera and just adding in two more in the drivers compartment would save alot of tanks.The loader could also monitor cameras even.

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