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Problems switching views


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Just got a new laptop, a Lenovo G505s

AMD A8-5550M APU with Radeon HD Graphics

2.10 GHz

6.00 GB Ram (5.20 GB usable) (can be upgraded to 16 GB)

500 GB hard drive

64-bit OS

Win 8.1

Sim runs great on this, however I have to hold down 3 keys to change views or positions in vehs.

FN + whatever F key + Crtl (next unit)

Any suggestions.

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Well you could also go into the SB "controls" menu item and remap all the functions that currently use Fn keys to something else but I suspect that may prove complicated.

And of course if you subsequently have an issue and people say "hit F6" you'll have to remember what you have mapped "F6" to be.

The only other option might be if your laptop have a setup option so the Fn keys are always "on" (so you don't need to press "FN" first) but that might cause other issues.

Overall that's one of the prices you pay when you buy a small laptop and the designers have to provide 101 key functionality without the space to give you a proper keyboard.

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If you map all F keys to the keyboard's regular number keys (maybe combined with Alt, e.g. F1 -> Alt+1, etc.); without using the Alt modifier (arguably even easier) the only functionality that will be compromised is to enter a manual range in vehicles that do not have a 3D interior. This may turn out to be a relatively painless alternative.

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