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Red Decision Point Attack


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I'm thinking of using the Red Decision Point Attack mission in the "Classics" folder for the next mission of the United Ops VU.

Last week, we played another classic, "Habighorst Attack," whcih ultimately proved to be rather unbalanced against the Blue side. The explanation was that it is an older mission, developed prior to improvements in the AI, so (in SP or coop mode) Red needed a significant preponderance of force in order to offer a decent challenge to Blue.

My concern is that Red Decision Point Attack may have the same issue. If so, I'll need to tone down the Red side a bit via the mission editor.

So, without giving any spoilers, can anyone give me their thoughts as to whether this mission requires re-balancing? (I understand that Red has lots of T-80s and BMP-2s, plus some AT vehicles, so you don't have to worry about that tidbit.)

Thanks in advance.

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