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Golan Heights revised.

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No sorry: I deleted it, and it was a M1a2 SEP


Will try to make another one tomorrow


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Interactive map presenting the force deployment at the Golan during the early stage of the 1973 war. Click on the symbols for English description.

The map is from a research regarding the Syrian helicopter landings, that were part of the initial Syrian offensive.



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Really good one. And despite all warnings then I am working on a scenario with the map now. Hopefully it will be good.

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The forces deployed on October 6th at 14:00:




Israeli army:


Northern sector:

13th infantry battalion split into posts 101-110.

74th armored battalion split into platoons.

334th heavy mortar battalion (160 mm mortar on Sherman chassis).

Two Artillery School (9th Instruction Base) batteries (French M-50 howitzer on Sherman chassis).

A single battery from the 405th medium artillery battalion (M109).


Southern sector:

50th paratrooper battalion split into posts 111-117.

53rd armored battalion split into platoons.

405th medium artillery battalion (minus battery).

A single Artillery School battery (M-50).


At the rear:

7th armored brigade near Tell Shiban.

Two batteries from the 55th heavy artillery battalion (M107).

HQ at Camp Nafakh.


Total: 177 tanks (all Shot Cal A), 11 artillery batteries (44 gun tubes).



Syrian army:


Northern sector - 7th infantry division:

68th infantry brigade & Moroccan 1st infantry brigade at Mazraat Beit Jann - Hadar - Ufaniya.

85th infantry brigade around Jaba and between Khan Arnabah and the Maas Junction.

121st mechanized infantry brigade around Kafr Nasij and Tell Qarin.

78th armored brigade between Tell Ash-Shams and Maas.


Central sector - 9th infantry division:

52nd infantry brigade west of AqrabaAl-Hara road, around Naba As-Sakhr.

33rd infantry brigade between Kudna and Jasim.

43rd armored brigade between Inkhil, Zimrin and Qyta.

51st independent armored brigade south of Inkhil, east of Jasim.


Southern sector - 5th infantry division:

112th infantry brigade at Qarqas - Ghadir Al-Boostan - Tell Al-Jabiyah.

61st infantry brigade west of Tell Jumu, around Ein Dhakar and the Tapline road.

132nd mechanized infantry brigade around Tasil - Adwan - Ash-Sheikh Saad and NE of Saham Al-Golan.

46th armored brigade NE of Nawa, west of Dili.

47th independent armored brigade at Ash-Sheikh Maskin - Ibtta.


Hermon ridge:

A commando battalion at Arnah. Two companies at higher posts.


At the rear:

1st armored division (T-62) near Al-Kiswah.

3rd armored division at the hills south of Qatana. Its 81st armored brigade was put under the command of the 7th infantry division.

The Defense Companies (T-62 armored brigade + commando battalions) south of Damascus, near Al-Yarmouk refugee camp.


Total: 1400 tanks (T-54/55/62), 115 artillery batteries.


Note that the border lines and some of the roads were different than they are today. 

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Syrian offensive plan - Operation Mashroo 110:




First tactical echelon:

A commando battalion advances from Hadar, penetrates to Majdal Shams, Neveh Attiv, crosses the Banias stream and consolidates positions north of Kibbutz Dan, around An-Nukhayla

1st Moroccan infantry brigade penetrates on the road south of Skheita, near Post 104, advances between Tell Al-Khawarit and Tell Al-Manfukha towards Mas'adahEin Qiniya, crosses the Banias and consolidates the Dafna - She'ar Yeshuv area, as well as positions west of Kefar Szold (or perhaps these belong to the 68th infantry brigade?).

68th infantry brigade advances from Turunja - Jubata Al-Khashab to Tell Sidr Al-ArusTell Warda - Buq'ata.

85th infantry brigade advances from Khan Arnabah and penetrates through the Northern Al-Quneitra Gap (which is between Mount Hermonit and Mount Bental), near post 107.

52nd infantry brigade advances NW from Ruwykhina and penetrates through the Southern Al-Quneitra Gap (which is between Mount Avital and Tell Al-Ghassaniya).

33rd infantry brigade penetrates through the Kudna Gap (which is between the Bashanit ridge and Tell Kudna), near Post 111 (mistakenly marked 110 in this map) and advances to Tell Fazara.

112th infantry brigade advances NW from Ghadir Al-Boostan and penetrates through the Southern Gap (which is between Tell Al-Faras and Tell As-Saqi) on the Tapline road, near Tell Al-Jukhadar, south of Post 115.

61st infantry brigade advances NW on the ancient Roman road and penetrates through the Southern Gap, near Post 116.

Paratroopers landing from helicopters at Mount Hermon and at The Cork, Benot Yaacov and Arik bridges.


Second tactical echelon:

78th armored brigade advances from Tell Ash-Shams to Hallas, follows the 68th infantry brigade to Turunja, Jubata Al-Khashab, Tell Sidr Al-Arus and consolidates positions around Tell Al-Fakhr. In practice, they actually went through Khan Arnabah and the Northern Al-Quneitra Gap, after the 85th infantry brigade and before the 121st mechanized infantry brigade.

121st mechanized infantry brigade advances on the road to Khan Arnabah, penetrates through the Northern Al-Quneitra Gap to Mount Hermonit, Sukeik and consolidates positions between Al-Qala and Kibbutz Shamir, north of Rawiyah.

43rd armored brigade advances from Qeita to Al-Hara, heads SW and penetrates through the Kudna Gap, north to Ein Aysha, west to Mount YosifoonMount Shipon, Nafakh, Alyqa and consolidates positions east of The Cork Bridge, north of Dabbura.

51st independent armored brigade advances from As-Sariya to Jasim, through the Kudna Gap after the 43rd armored brigade, Tell Fazara, Al-Khushniya, Ar-Ramthaniya, As-Sindiana, Nafakh and consolidates positions around and south of The Custom House Junction, west of Sanabir. One battalion crosses the Jordan river over the Benot Yaakov Bridge towards Ayelet Hashachar - Mishmar Hayarden.

46th armored brigade advances from Nawa, penetrates near Tell Al-Faras, heads NW to Al-Mashta, The Waterfall JunctionQasabiya, Yahudiya and consolidates positions in and above Al-Batiha Valley. One battalion crosses the Jordan river over the Arik Bridge and advances to Vered Hagalil.

132nd mechanized infantry brigade advances from Adwan to Tasil, Ein Dhakar, Saida, penetrates through the Southern Gap on the Roman road near Post 116, heads SW for Tell As-Saqi, Ramat Magshimim, El Al Junction, Fiq and reaches Kafr Harib on the cliff.


Second operational echelon:

3rd armored division advances from Khan Ash-Sheikh to Sasa, Tell As-Shams, Khan Arnabah, through the Northern Al-Quneitra Gap and consolidates positions between Ein Qiniya and the Wasit Junction. In practice, only the 81st armored brigade actually participated the offensive, alongside with Rif'at Al-Assad's Defense Companies.

1st armored division advances to As-Sanamin, Inkhil, Jasim, through the Kudna Gap, Tell Fazara, Al-Khushniya and consolidates positions between Nafakh and Givat Bazaq.

47th independent armored brigade advances from Daeel to Tasil, penetrates through the Southern Gap after the 132nd mechanized infantry brigade, heads SW for Tell As-Saqi, Ramat Magshimim, El Al Junction and reaches the cliff above Al-Kursi.

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The Syrian night breakthrough, October 6th-7th:




IDF 36th armored division takes command of the Golan Heights. The northern sector is handed over to the 7th armored brigade (along with the 74th battalion from the 188th armored brigade), while the 188th armored brigade keeps just the southern sector (and gets the 82nd battalion from the 7th armored brigade).


Syrian northern sector (7th infantry division):

Syrian 68th infantry brigade and a Moroccan battalion assault near Posts 104-105, repulsed by IDF forces under the command of the 1st infantry brigade. 

Syrian 85th infantry brigade, 78th armored brigade and 121st mechanized infantry brigade assault through the Northern Al-Quneitra Gap (Post 107 area) and repulsed by IDF 7th armored brigade from its positions between the Hermonit and the Booster Ridge. This battlefield would later be described by the biblical phrase "The Valley of Tears".


Syrian central sector (9th infantry division):

Syrian 52nd infantry brigade penetrates around Al-Qakhtaniyah - Surman (Post 109) and reaches Al-Quneitra, but takes heavy losses and gets blocked. 

Syrian 33rd infantry brigade manages to take Tell Shuaf As-Sindiyan and controls the Kudna Gap.

Syrian 43rd armored brigade penetrates through the Kudna Gap and heads north to Ein Aysha (west of Post 110), where it falls into a night ambush by a tank company from the IDF 7th armored brigade.

Syrian 51st independent armored brigade penetrates through the Kudna Gap after the 43rd, takes Al-Khushniya and advances towards Nafakh through Ar-Ramthaniya - As-Sindiyana (as shown in the map) and through the Tapline road (this movement is not shown in the map). Nafakh is defended by scattered remnants of the IDF 82nd armored battalion, as well as the 188th armored brigade CO and XO on their own tanks and an unassigned officer named Zvika.


Syrian southern sector (5th infantry division):

Syrian 112th infantry brigade penetrates through the Southern Gap on the Tapline road and holds the area around Tell Al-Jukhadar.

Syrian 61st infantry brigade penetrates on the Roman road and holds the area around Tell As-Saki.

Syrian 46th armored brigade is shown as it penetrates through the Ar-Rafid Gap (which is between Tell Kudna and Tell Al-Faras) and reaches Al-Khushniya. This is a mistake - they penetrated on the Tapline road and headed towards The Waterfall Junction (destroying two IDF artillery batteries on the way), while Al-Khushniya was taken by the 51st.

Syrian 132nd mechanized infantry brigade penetrates after the 61st infantry brigade, advances and reaches KhisfinRamat Magshimim.

The remnants of the IDF 53rd armored battalion are trapped on Tell Al-Faras with little ammo.



The Hermon mountain is taken by the Syrian 82nd paratroopers battalion, in a combined heliborne and ground assault.



Syrian Defense Companies and 3rd armored division hold their positions as the strategic reserve. AFAIK the 81st armored brigade replaced the 78th armored brigade at Tell Ash-Shams, under the command of the 7th infantry division.

Syrian 47th independent armored brigade haven't start its movement yet.

Syrian 1st armored division advances from its camp in Al-Kiswah to Ghabaghib, As-Sanamin, Al-Qaniyah, Inkhil, Jasim.

First IDF reserve force, a downsized (7 tanks) battalion from the 179th armored brigade, arrives and joins Zvika Force for the night battle on the Tapline road, south of Nafakh.


This map also depicts IDF code names for the roads. Some noteworthy ones:

Qatana - Mazra'at Beit JannMas'ada road is code named Tzin.

Mas'ada - Buq'ata - Kibbutz El-Rom - Al-Quneitra road is code named Yaqir.

Mas'ada - Sukeik - Wassit - Nafakh - As-Sindiyana - Ar-Ramthaniya - Al-Khushniya road is code named Peleh.

Sukeik - Kibbutz El-RomBooster Ridge road is code named Casuarina.

Damascus - Khan Ash-Sheikh - Sasa - Khan Arnabah - Al-Quneitra - Ein Zivan road is code named America.

Ahmadiyah - Wassit - Rawiyah road, which leads through the Northern Al-Quneitra Gap, is code named Carton.

Tell Jabiya - Al-Aliya - NimrAl-HaraNaba As-SakhrRuwykhina road, which extends through the Southern Al-Quneitra Gap, is code named Peleg.

Al-Quneitra - Nafakh - Benot Ya'akov Bridge road is code named Yabasha.

Ein Aysha - Dalhamiya - Nafakh road is code named Catacomba.

Al-Qaniyah - Inkhil - Jasim - Kudna road, which extends through the Kudna Gap to Tell Fazara, is code named Troya.

Tell Fazara - Al-Khushniya - Al-Mashta - Qasabiya - Yahudiya - Arik Bridge road is code named Kvish.

Ash-Shiekh Maskin - Nawa - Ar-Rafid road, which extends through the Ar-Rafid Gap and then leads north to Al-Quneitra, is code named Reshet.

The Tapline road, which passes near AdwanTasilUmm Al-Luqas, through the Southern Gap, Al-JukhadarAl-Mashta, Nafakh, Rawiyah, Tell Al-Fakhr and to Lebanon, is code named Machazeh.

Ar-Rafid - Al-Jukhadar - Tell As-Saqi - Ramat Magshimim - El-Al road is code named Tipa.

The roads on which the Syrians penetrated in the Umm Al-LuqasAl-Khanout area were ancient Roman roads, their remains can barely be traced in current satellite images (CORONA Atlas may help a bit):

Nawa - Al-Jarniya - Rasm Ballut road, which goes through Post 116, is code named Palga.

Ein Dhakar - Saida - Al-Jarniya road is code named Angola.

Adwan - Tasil - Ein Dhakar - Tell As-Saqi - Al-Bajuriya road is code named Pinqas.


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October 7th, noon:




IDF Northern Command reserves have arrived. The southern sector is handed over to the 210th armored division, while the 36th keeps just the northern sector.


By 10:00, the IAF executes 19 close air support sorties in the Al-Quneitra area, 20 in the Al-Khushniya area and 16 in the Southern Gap area. The Syrian 47th armored brigade takes heavy losses.


IDF 7th armored brigade keeps blocking Syrian assaults through the Northern Al-Quneitra Gap and north of it. The armor wrecks at the Valley of Tears are piling up.


Posts 111, 114 and 115 were evacuated by the IDF and are in Syrian hands.


Syrian 1st armored division (T-62) advances through the Kudna Gap and attacks NW towards Nafakh (notably the 91st armored brigade), along with the 43rd and 51st armored brigades (both T-55). Some Syrian tanks enter Camp Nafakh, while others arrive to Ad-Dalwa, threatening to cut IDF 7th armored brigade from its rear.

IDF 188th armored brigade remnants desperately try to defend Nafakh (CO, XO and G3 are killed), while the 36th armored division HQ retreats to Alyqa. The reserve 679th armored brigade (Shot Meteor tanks), which was at first sent to Al-Quneitra after arriving Nafakh, is now called back to Nafakh when it became clear that the Syrian 1st armored division broke through the Kudna Gap and is attacking Nafakh, while the Syrian 3rd armored division haven't tried to break through the Northern Al-Quneitra Gap yet.


Syrian 46th armored brigade (T-55) is blocked at Qasabiya by an IDF battalion from the reserve 179th armored brigade, which takes back The Waterfall Junction.


Syrian 132nd mechanized infantry brigade, along with a battalion from the 47th armored brigade, is blocked by IDF 278th battalion from the reserve 179th armored brigade at El-Al Junction. As of 10:00, the IDF reserve 9th mechanized (mistakenly marked as armored) brigade joins in this battle. Syrian 47th brigade XO (or was he G3?) is taken as POW.


Syrian battalions from the 47th armored brigade (T-55) and 61st infantry brigade (T-54) take a wrong turn and arrive to Hirbat Kanaf, 6-7 kms from Lake Kinneret, where they are destroyed afternoon by IDF reserve 4th mechanized infantry brigade ascending from Arik Bridge. Before they tackled the Israeli force, the Syrians reported to their HQ about observing Tiberias across the Kinneret, but the HQ disbelieved and ordered them to get back on course. 


IDF 53rd armored battalion is trapped on Tell Al-Faras with little ammo. It retreats in the evening and 12 tanks out of 15 manage to escape safely, passing by the Syrian tank horde and surviving a fratricidal fire incident with the 4th mechanized infantry brigade. They became known as The Ghost Convoy.


In the evening, the Central Command's 146th armored division arrives to the Golan from Jerusalem area. The tank fleet remained to defend the Jordan Valley from a possible Jordanian attack includes now just two Sherman battalions.  

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