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Thank a Prussian for our independence.


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A long past relation was involved in that little storm in a tea cup over there too. He left Scotland to go fight against the English for the Americans, in fact he served in the navies of three countries after leaving Scotland, he was also in the Russian and French navies. In 1906 the US Navy had his body shipped from Paris back to the US where he lays in state at Annapolis.

From Wikipedia:

John Paul Jones (July 6, 1747 – July 18, 1792) was a Scottish sailor and the United States' first well-known naval fighter in the American Revolutionary War. Although he made enemies among America's political elites, his actions in British waters during the Revolution earned him an international reputation which persists to this day. As such he is sometimes referred to as the "Father of the United States Navy" (an epithet he shares with John Barry). He later served in the Imperial Russian Navy.

When reading about his exploits along the coast of Nova Scotia, it reminded me that when I was in NS I found that a lot of the Native Americans there of the Micmac tribe have the same family name as him and I, he added the Jones after he left Scotland.

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