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Toothpicks .SCE Password?


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I realize that this is a long shot... I downloaded the CV90 Toothpicks scenario created in Nov 2006 by Hackworth. The scenario is supposed to have two versions, one with the CV90-40 and one, the CV90-30. The problem is that both turn out to have CV90-40s. I tried to change the unit type in Mission Editor, but the scenario is password protected. I also tried to send Hackworth an email, since it appears to be a very long time since here logged on here, but got no indication that he received it.

I'm hoping that, since the scenario was uploaded back in 2006, someone else wanted to try to play the scenario with the CV90-30 and contacted him for a password. Failing that, does anyone know Hackworth's current contact information?



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Sorry, I can't help, but I'm rooting for someone to provide the information.

I've long wished I could get access to the M2A2 version of that scenerio, which I used to enjoy playing. Unfortunately, an update along the way caused anomalies to the map (bridges) that hang up the enemy ai, and I discovered through the aar that many never make it to the fight. That's an easy fix if I could open the scenerio.

With the hope of not derailing your thread, let me just just say here that I wish, in general, mission designers would not password-protect freely-distributed single-player scenerios -- for precisely this reason.

Seriously. What's the point?

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