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Military aggression in Ukraine

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As far as the nearby thread about the MH17 got locked, I am starting this one in order to enlighten the western audience about the Russian military aggression that is going on in Ukraine since March 2014.

I perfectly understand that some countries in Europe would prefer to keep a "soft" position towards the events that lead to the MH17 tragedy, primarily due to their energetic dependence on Russian gas prices (which are set on political basis very often), but nevertheless let's face it - it is a Russian military aggression going on in Ukraine, Russian special forces conduct "denied" warfare organizing local insurgent groups, training them to execute terrorist attacks.

Let me tell you how these events started. In April 2014 infiltrated operatives from Russian special forces started taking over government buildings, giving the control to the local gangs after this, distributing seized weapons from police stations and military units. How it was? Here is the example of assaults on police stations in the city of Kramatorsk and Slaviansk:

The scheme was pretty standard everywhere, dropping down Ukrainian flags, rising Russian flags, gathering a bunch of unknown men in the City Council, most of whom were Russian citizen in fact without any ties to Ukraine and then proclaiming "Independent People's Republic" - "Donetsk People Republic" and "Luhansk People Republic".

First steps towards the local populace were to cut off all Ukrainian mass media sources, reconnect all TV masts and cable operators to broadcast Russian TV channels only. Then the rallies and demonstrations were organized, where the participants were partially "paid" people, who were paid for participation, others were just local "unsocials" (drunken people, drug addicted, criminals, etc).

The government of Ukraine decided to send the security service special unit "Alfa" in, which was ambushed, lost several people, and the seized cities became totally blocked. Suprisingly there were weapon caches in the seized cities to arm the force of up to 10000 men - AKs, SVD sniper rifles, RPK and PKM machine guns, RPG-26 and RPG-7.

After that the decision was taken to launch a full scale military operation to restore law and order in the seized cities, but terrorists have taken the other step: specially prepared groups of locals were blocking armored vehicles, imitating "public rage" in order not to let the troops in while everything could still be solved without massive blood:



Blocking of Ukrainian airborne armored column in the city, note armed gunmen in black balaclavas walking behind civilians (these are the Russian spetsnaz):


Basically, Russian special forces were using the following tactics, "civilians" are going forward blocking Ukrainian military and Russian operatives are behind them. In the result of this several Ukrainian airborne troops died because of sniper fire and underbarrel grenade launcher shots that were fired from the backs of civilians. Several armored vehicles, BMD-1, BMD-2 and 2S9 "Nona" self-propelled mortar were also seized by Russians from Ukrainians under civilian cover. Captured Ukrainian armor, note Russian flags on the vehicles:


Since 7 armored vehicles and self-propelled 2S9 "Nona" mortar were seized and Ukrainian government troops were very often fired upon and shelled from the captured 2S9 "Nona" the full scale military operation was launched to regain the control over the cities.

I would like to underline that pro-russian separatists launched a hunt on the pro-ukrainian population, some were killed, some were taken hostages (and used as human shields afterwards), everybody who were expressing pro-Ukrainian opinion was persecuted. Images of tortured and killed Ukrainians in the city of Slaviansk (members of local city council):


The border between Russia and Ukraine is unmarked, there are no surveillance cameras and other technical protection features there, so the huge amounts of weapons started flowing in since May. There were "Igla" manpads, "Fagot" and "Metis" ATGMs, heavy machineguns. Ukrainian military managed to cope with this and eventually after three months of intensive battles regained the control over some seized cities forcing terrorists to withdraw and partially destroying them, and after that heavy gear started going in: BM-21 "Grad" multiple rocket launchers, T-64 tanks, 2S1 self-propelled artillery, "BUK" SAM systems.

Russian tanks near the area where the B777 was shot down:


Russian tanks and 2S1 self-propelled artillery (note Russian flag on):

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Stanny..as for thos threads title alone. I feel it nessesary to advice you: read the forum rules!!! Facts are welcome, you just create another thread that 'll be closed.

I don't understand what is there against the forum rules when I would like to tell the truth about the events going on in Ukraine, in fact the tragedy people of this country is suffering?

Or maybe this is not the Steel Beasts forums but Gazprom forum or something like that? Why do you behave like this? Why do you allow only the official Russian position to be depicted here (for example, no words about Putin or something like this), do you think you'll get much sales of SB product after such attitude on 40 million Ukrainian market? Why do the Russian interests are being lobbied to such extent that ethnic Ukrainians like me should sit with their mouth shut up?

Please do the appropriate conclusions, if you set a platform for discussions here - let everyone share his opinion and bring his known facts. Moreover that the facts are documented, videos, photographs etc. I am not telling just the words here.

Ukrainian portal in English about the events:


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Ok, last try.

Political discussion is alway tricky and there will be people that have completely contrary views.this will not lead to fruitful discussion but only to trolling and name calling. We as a community had some very negative experience of that in the past.

I ask you to honour that...and keep political agenda out of the posts.

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political agenda out of the posts

Where do you see the political agenda here when I am talking about actual events that are taking place? I see you are from Germany, is it the official position of German moderators on these boards - speak only good about Russia and Mr. Putin or speak nothing about them? Germany always backs Russia on international arena due to their cheap gas interests but I could never imagine that this has spread to the level of the ordinary people communication. Why do you behave like this shutting up opposite opinions?

You are trying to block this discussion in order not to touch the "Russian theme" as far as I understand while this topic is currently very sensitive to many ethnic Ukrainians who are actually very worried about what is happening in this country.

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speak only good about Russia and Mr. Putin

Speak good, or bad about a politician - no matter what, it's a political debate. There are plenty of places in the interwebs for that, but this isn't one of them. This forum is primarily about Steel Beasts. There's some leeway as it isn't always a clear cut where something is still vaguely related to SB Pro and the reality that it simulates; heck, the entire world is just a huge grey area.

Still, one man's truth is another man's propaganda, and these discussions quickly get out of hand. "Enlighten" us about political topics in other forums; your other contributions are welcome, of course.

You can look at it from two perspectives - we're "suppressing" your truth, that's the negative way to put it. But we're not opening the board for pro-Russian propaganda either, so maybe that's the consoling view on the matter.

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