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At the Range with my M1A2, I have targets slowly driving left and right at about 1500 yards. My Laser Finder is reading a good range at about 1800 yards.

When I shoot, my HEAT rounds are splashing at about 1000 yards. Well short of the target.

Is the Laser finder not feeding into the computer? Is there something about the HEAT round that I need to change to get an accurate firing solution?

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Tutorial GunneryF covers this topic if any other new players need help.

Oddly, I was doing it correctly, but had to F1 back off the GPS sight then get back on it after selecting the proper ammo type (hotkey) before I could get close with the HEAT rounds.

Not sure if this was a fluke, operator error or some kind of bug in the GunneryF tutorial that caused my HEAT rounds to overshoot targets until I came off the scope (GPS) and went back on it.

No biggie. I'm going to start playing scenarios to get some experience.

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I would expect the computer to know what kind of round is loaded, but I'm very new to this whole thing.

Yes but it is the Gunner pressing the relvant button that tells the computer.

The revelvant keyboard equivalents have just been listed for you.

There is no electronic tag on the round that somehow automatically tells the computer that ammunition nature X is now in the breech.

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