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Need a .ter file please!

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I've managed to screw up my copy of the FT KNOX KY 50km 1A-1.ter file with a mistaken press of the SAVE menu button, instead of the intended SAVE AS function. :mad:

As a reward for your assistance, you will be the first person to try out my new version of Tank Table VIII gunnery, (the 1986 tank vs tank version), that I am putting on the Cedar Creek Gunnery Range.

I belive my mail function is active, however if it is not, please send it to jt68jt@gmail.com

Just FYI, it's going to be about as authentic as you can get without actually tanking, (i.e. pulling the bitch plate, tightening wedge bolts, boresighting thousands of times, and zeroing drift with a jewlers screwdriver that all good TCs and Gunners keep for this time of year.), and without night gunnery, (i.e. hours of boredom trying to sleep on hard tables in the messhall while everything shakes with each tank sending rounds downrange.)

I bet a lot of people here don't realize that gunnery is a lot of tedious repetition, boredom, and just plain sitting around, with the occasional pinched finger or something for "flavor" thrown in. :shocked:

My gunnery range, (I know, there are a lot of gunnery scenarios out already), will not have the pinched fingers at least, :D , and it will be a bit more authentic than those out already. (The 2005 version that I found is pretty close to correct, but I'm old school, sooo :debile2: )


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