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Danish Army Pansertræf

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Hi guys

We just got back from Antvorskov Base in Denmark where the Danish Army conducted a 'pansertræf', an armour display and small wargame.

We spoke to many tankers (Leopard 2, CV90, and all the other armoured vehicles in the Danish inventory) and every single one of them, told me that they were all actively using Steel Beasts, some on a daily basis, for training. Pretty cool, huh!

They used it for platoon maneuvers, creating battlepositions, inter vehicular communications training etc.

Obviously the simulator can never recreate the actual experience of operating an armored vehicle but it would get them a very long way.

Being a journalist, of course I had to ask about specific issues where the software would come up short. They praised how the systems in Steel Beasts were totally accurate but they mentioned how simplified graphics sometimes got in the way of usability.


- Things look smaller on the screen that in reality. That means they have it easier in the real world :-)

- In the real world, the play of shadows on the landscape (from clouds and variances in lighting) often mask enemy vehicles and soldiers. In the sim, however, the lighting was too uniform, like a pool table.

- The landscape in the sim was too simple, not cluttered enough.

All in all an extremely cool experience.

Here's a drive-by of armoured vehicles, including a T-72 and a BMP - enjoy!

PS. the tank commander of the Leopard 2 at 1:50 has a surprise for us :-)


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