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Learned a lesson on using "Jump to End If" today..


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I learned a lesson on using the "Jump to End If" option today.....

My scenario has multiple "x variable" enemy forces using multiple "x variable" routes of approach. The first 6 minutes of the scenario has no action, as I want the player to possibly use this time for other things in the future if he so desires. I wanted to cut my testing time down to a minimum, so I altered the embark if conditions on my original Red units, & then I just threw in some Red units for testing closer to the action. These new testing units met at a waypoint on the older Red units route. The new Red units made it to the waypoint by "jump to end if". They would not continue on the route until the original Red units had all advanced past the waypoint. So, I just deleted the new Red units & made the original Red units "jump to end if" to the waypoint. After that, I HAD to put an "embark if" option on the route before they would move. This matches the original way I had the scenario set up, & it worked perfect before.

I think the lesson is that it is much better if this is done in scenario planning......

unit----->jump to end route--->waypoint----->conditioned route (using embark if mission time or event etc etc)

I think it only works flawlessly if the route after the waypoint has some kind of "embark if" condition on it. When the route after the waypoint is unconditioned, it stalls certain units.

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None of the waypoints in use, or anywhere on the entire route, have battle positions or anything else....just "none". All of the units have "stay" at their origin spawn point, for orientation only. They leave for their destination with a "jump to end if" mission time > 00:01. I think in my case the newer Red units always stalled.

Old Red unit ---> route-->wp-->route-->wp-->route-->wp-->route-->wp

New red units meeting the route at the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th wp will stall & wait until

the Old red units pass them by.

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