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Swedish Military Offense and Defense Scenarios


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The scenarios and supporting maps I am uploading were used to assist Magnus Frykvall of the Swedish Army prepare a Master's Thesis while attending the Command and General Staff College. The "Offense" scenario was designed to replicate the current plan to repel an invasion by Russia on the Swedish mainland by vigorously attacking a much larger invading force while outnumbered approximately 3 to 1. The "Defense" scenario was based on MAJ Frykvall's theory that a layered defense is the better option, preserving both lives and combat power. I recommend a full reading of MAJ Frykvall's paper to fully understand each scenario.

This was my first real attempt at building a scenario from scratch in SB. It's far from perfect, but I believe it accurately represents both the current doctrine and that proposed by MAJ Frykvall.

Unfortunately, the file for the Defense is too large, even when zipped with "ultra" compression, to allow it to be uploaded. Hopefully Nils can assist me to get the Defense file uploaded.

Curt Pangracs





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As intriguing as the offer for "Obegränsad läsning" for merely one SEK is, my Swedish language skills aren't even sufficient to deal with "Nytt hot mot Sverige hölls hemligt". :o


But didn't the last Swedish Chief of Staff go on public record last year saying that Sweden might be at war with Russia within the next two years (and then resigned, because nobody seemed to care)?

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Sweden appears to be accelerating its plans to defend Gotland. A mech infantry company sent there for a recent exercise was told it was not going home.


Realistically though, if the Russians were to mount a surprise attack, I would expect the airport, barracks and vehicle storage areas to be the recipient of a conventional cruise and/or ballistic (Iskander) missile attack of which there would presumably be no warning. This move does make the ploy of simply diverting an airliner full of Little Green Men with supposed engine problems to Visby a little less attractive though.

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3 hours ago, Ssnake said:

...which is probably the whole point of it, creating a disincentive to attempt taking it via hybrid warfare.

I'd send a ferry though, not an airliner.


Which eventuality is covered in this wargame scenario (this is a great blog by the way - there is an article on Finnish Leopards and another on the limited reinstatement of Gotland's defences).

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Well after disbanded all military forces on Gotland in 2005, the politicians has now woken up... But it takes some time to build up enough strength again. Gotland had almost all military branches on the island. Armor, Artillery,Coastal artillery, Air defence battalion and reserves.


And now... 1. Mech coy and a tank coy...





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