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Dismounts not loading up.


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I am sure this one has been done before...

But is there a solution to the dismounts getting out and then staying there when the vehs are then given new movment orders. It is a little annoying for the scripted enemy or flanking formations! Never use to happen in the old version!


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I'm not sure if I am following you.

The topic says "Dismounts NOT loading up", but then you are asking whether it's possible to leave them behind while giving new movement orders to the vehicles?

Yes, it is quite possible to do that now. You just don't give the "load" command (Shift+U) before giving the command to the vehicles to move to some other place. From the map screen you can give movement orders to the dismounts.

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What I was reffering to was computer controlled units.

When Armoured Infantry units are under the control of the computer and sit static for a period of time before moving they dismount the infantry from the veh.

When the movment conditions are satisfied the vehs move of but they do not load the inf before moving (irrelevanat of the tactics used).

This is not so much a drama for player controlled units as this can be done manually (a pain if the msn is busy at the time).

This results in the inf being left behind which is not to useful when conducting fibua attacks which really need the dismounts.

Does that make sence!????

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That makes perfectly good sense as part of the order for an Armoured Inf assault include the debussing options for the dismounts - short of the posn, on the posn and plus of the posn - currently not do-able.

I take it for the time being is to either use the sporn when command or keep the wagons moving if you want to leave the dismounts onboard (computer controlled units).

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Thank goodness I am not going insane !!!!

I have hunted all over the place in the mission editor for the command to make troops load back up when the vehicle moves !!!!!

I has some APC's scout a route, and then subsequently move to an overwatch position ... needless to say, I wasn't pleased when the troops got left behind.

Just getting back into making scenarios, and my first attempt nearly sent me to the asylum !! LOL

BTW: what is the "UGV w/ troops"<?> option under the system tab ? (feel I should know this already, but it's got me stumped !)

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