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Glass windows and thermal views

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It depends on the IR range the camera works in, but the cameras I have used in the past show reflections in glass (even tile). The most recent cutting edge gen cameras combine IR and amplified light (starlight) into one image, I'm not sure what would happen there.

I believe there is another recent thread on this issue with more in depth explanations.

There is a open bug about this in bugzilla.

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Well, the short answer is that it is a modeling and texture issue. Since the TIS is handled by texture, then that means that not all windows can be made opaque. An example of this is the latest buildings where the windows are transparent meshes and do not have a texture, therefore they cannot be made opaque in TIS.

The truck in the image is another story though, it does have a texture assigned to the window and we CAN make it opaque, but then there is the case that no other (or not many other) vehicles are like that. Then you factor in other considerations like type of sight, thickness of glass, etc and the long answer is that we just allow (most) windows to be uniform transparent in TIS at the moment.

At some point we do plan on improving the buildings so that their windows are opaque in TIS view, because this is very important in urban environment because, as we know, in SB right now you can spot a man behind a glass window on second floor of window at 4000m in thermal sight. Then after improving the building windows, we will likely carry it over to vehicles in the long term. One step at a time...

The point is, it's complicated. ;)

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