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Posted by nimo


its better then angry german kid

Germans: turn off the sound

btw the movie it based on is pretty good

Seen HGB and the AGK. Prefer the AGK. He's got a banned from SlientWulf spoof too (search YouTube under AGK Gets Banned from SilentWulf, I've forgotten the URL). It's every bit as funny.

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Opinions? I'm really impressed if they are in fact cruise missiles.

They are. They look as if they are close together but there is more space between them than thought. The only American submarine that can launch such a group so tightly would be the newly improved SSGN the Ohio. The Ohio wasn't finished being converted at the time this video was shot though.

Maybe they were air-launched? multiple CALCMs or their modern equivalent from multiple B-52s can be programmed to "form up" tightly to strike as a group.

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