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I'm trying to convince a mate to get this sim, and wonder what people consider to be the best video on the current version?

With best i mean both best looking and and most realistic.. or one of each :P

(wouldn't cry if the video were from the upcoming version either ;) )

And would like to add this: same mission, different result. And intense! :)


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Wel its snowing pretty much here in Budapest and roads are all frozen, here is a neat clip from yesterday, couple of cars collided due to the icy road and then came the big "gun" as well:


Dropping the blade would have helped:eek2:, as well as not locking the breaks:eek2:, as well as SLOWING down in snow:eek2:. We have the same kind of mindless drivers here:debile2:, makes for good entertainment.:cul:

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Oh It will! It helps spreading the fire everywhere as the fuel "swims" on the water and keeps burning ;)

One of the principles of fire fighting is to deprive the fire of fuel (I don't mean just liquid fuel but anything that in the vicinity of the fire that is flammable) or oxygen. If Jet A1 l was dripping on to the redhot filters and the engine turbo, a sheet of something to deflect it - even a poncho cape - might have helped.

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Sure but as the crew was exposed and under small arms fire at the time I suspect they tended to think of a simple solution (albeit flawed) rather than rumage through their gear (stowed on the outside - and hence exposed to fire whilst doing so) for such a tarp or sheet and then try to work out how to rig such a shield to keep the fuel from the hot engine.

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Thinking pouring water on a fire fed by jet fuel, is probably not going to do much, I may be wrong.....we carried our fire extinguisher in the baskets, where on the M1 do they mount?Inside?

They tried those.

Didn't work.

Hence. Water.

I don't think they twigged it was a fuel fire at the time, plus they had other things on their mind. Like being shot at. :biggrin:

Well according to Capt. Conroy's book, anyway.

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