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How does a missile that is 10' above that tank cause that type of catastrophic damage?

Really. How does that work?

Or is the video fake?

Its a top attack missile.

There designed to fire downwards to penetrate the thinner upper Armour

We have them in SB

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  1. It works the same as with
    . The tank gets stuffed to the brim with C4. That may be legitimate if your argument is that the tank would be loaded with ammo in combat as well, but the question still remains how much ammo would be in it, and if it is at 50%, then maybe the result wouldn't look so spectacular. ;)
  2. The missile fires an explosively formed penetrator (EFP) slug through the roof - burning hot metal fragments will do the rest.

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I was always more attracted to this video promotion for the Javelin.

Guys fire missile, don't watch it and just quickly get up and move on... wait for it.... wait for it... Tank in background gets hit. Troops are gone, and small boom in background. :D

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