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Matt Hunter's search for unridden mountain bike trails in Afghanistan's remote Wakhan Corridor.

In "Forgotten Dirt", professional mountain biker Matt Hunter and a small team of riders travelled to the remote Wakhan

Corridor in Afghanistan to explore trails that had never been ridden before.


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John Carmack explains video game graphics past, present, and future:


Its long 1:30, be prepared for a lesson.

The guy is genius. Just listening to him makes me feel smarter, although I have a hard time keeping up. Personally I used to watch his Quakecon opening speeches every year.

Good thing that he is involved in gaming instead of weapons research. Just imagine this passion and talent behind a project of basically how to kill more effectively than anybody else.

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Hmm...wonder why?

There arrival on the net generated a controversy whether or not there technology was real.

There first video announced unlimited graphical power by showing trillions of atoms on a single scene.

Some claimed it was a scam such as Notch the creator of Minecraft.

Followed an argue between fans and haters.

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Guest Killjoy
Bah, that's nothing!



Oh, and I added the scenario for those crazy enough to try racing down a volcano...


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