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Fake video, unfortunately. It's a video of an artillery piece that blew up when it was fired. An original version from 4 months ago is here:


The bomb in the new video was "pasted" into one frame.

Well, this happens when you forget your prayer to St. Barbara ;-)

To bad the fuzzy-heads where not daft enough to stand next to the gun...not so much thrus t in the snackbar eh :-P

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What is the program he is using?

Its called

World of Guns.

I found it doing some research on the BMP-3

You can buy the program on steam or Facebook.

The BMP and the hummer seems to be the only military vehicles as far as I can make out There's a couple of cars and a substantial amount of rifles pistols etc.

Also There's a couple of free weapons to disassemble the AK-47 and the colt 45.

I have no idea as to the accuracy of the models though.


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It is apparently an add on to the game "World of Guns", and it's available on STEAM.


While it's kind of cool to start with, I think after a few months dissasembing all the equipment could get old very fast. Unless you are trying use it as some sort of visual guide disassembling the real item it might prove helpful.

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