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i'll have to see it because i've always wanted to see a film about the "future" Terminator. but, doesn't the whole harvesting humans thing seem like a rip-off from War of the Worlds? don't both these guys look like a couple wooses? i mean, it's the end of the world. you're being hunted by robots and driven underground. yet everyone still looks like they just walked onto a movie set. i hope they don't jack up The Road like this. still...i'll have to see it. just saying.

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You forgot about The Matrix.

or a brave new world. but they were raising and harvesting people. (chuckles) not that it makes much difference. i was refering to machines running around snatching up humans. well, and technically, the War of the World aliens were eating up peps not transforming them into...i guess we'll have to see the movie.

off to search videos and get back on topic ;)

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Hmmm. It looks to me like they are at the range. My onboard soundcard and low end speakers impair my ability to clearly understand them, but it seems to me i heard the TC say "two tanks, left(maybe near?) tank" as an alert command. Later on they engage another tank and also troops. Im guessing if they were engaging that many tanks in that short of a time span, there would be a bit more urgency or emotion on the part of the crew. The lack of body armor seems to indicate a range enviornment also. Just my 2 cents.


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I might be off base as well, but the blue colour on the Sabot shoe indicates TPCSDS Training Practice Cone Stabalised Discarding Sabot. War rounds would be in a black Sabot.

While it is conceivable that you might engage hostile light armour with TPCSDS, this lacks penetration performance against heavier armour, and you would not be engaging tanks with that type of round except in training.

Seems to just be range footage that someone has 'sexed-up' by titling 'engaging insurgents'. Ho-hum.

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