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38 minutes ago, Marko said:

I would take what the Russian arms industry has to say with a pitch of salt but if it is the case the T-14 is capable of what there stating.

The west better get its new designs form prototype to manufacturing really quick.




I would also take the producers of this vid with a grain of salt. Seems like another defense "we need another super wpn"  industry sales pitch. (notice in the start who it is?)

But the Russians may be doing to the (un named country)  what they did to them, Make them spend them selves in to a state they cant recover from, and fail as a government as in the cold war days.


Is this history repeating it's self again?

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19 minutes ago, Retro said:

Are forest fires not a huge problem when doing live-firing exercises in these environments? Or do they happen anyway (or maybe not at all and it just looks quite dry to me)?


Well it is dry (esp. if you conduct them during the Dry Season). :) You pretty much have to though, otherwise leaving the bitumen becomes a recovery exercise.


Often its the trace from 0.50" or 25mm that creates the fires, not 120mm.


The grass tends to be spread out and even if it catches, the trees tend not to. The whole landscape over thousands of years has been shaped by lots of frequent "low intensity" grass fires (this was one way the Aborigines used to generates fresh growth, sprouts and out "Bush Tucker") so they tend to be just part of the activity.


On the East Coast its far more temperate and grass fires can be a problem (esp. in some areas where there is peat in the sub soil). Here where the population density is also higher, there is nothing worse than the first serial on a Range Practice setting a fire with their first engagements and then you have to cancel the practice to fight the fire to keep it from spreading to a neighbouring property.


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On 19/09/2016 at 7:37 AM, Gibsonm said:


You might as well have the set:



Thanks Mark, some very nice footage there, a question for you of any other real life tankers, with that much obscuration are the gunner and commander able to observe the fall of their shot even with thermals or will they be relying on the wingman

for corrections and guidance?

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Ah. Plastik Am Himmel.

You know, the BO-105 was always considered to be the training helicopter until the real one (which ended up being the Tiger; they should have bought the Apache right from the start, but noo...) would come into service. Which it never did, until very recently.

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