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On 2/21/2017 at 11:49 AM, Mirzayev said:

This video does a good job of describing how the L85A1 acquired it's rather bad reputation.


Since you like Gun Jesus, you will also enjoy this channel:  C&Rsenal   (Skip the "Anvil" vids unless you want to spend 40 mins watching someone manufacture a screw)

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A Syrian T-55AMV launches a Bastion missile on a target, from a position on Tell Alaqiya (Tell is a volcanic hill):


These Syrian T-55AMVs are interesting beasts



BTW, Tell Alaqiya (the NW hill) and the nearby Tell Antar (the SE hill) were the sites of major armor battles between Israeli and Iraqi forces during the 1973 war.

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5 hours ago, matsimus said:


Used to be a big lego fan back in the day.

Been to legoland a couple of times some amazing creations.

till that movie was released my granddaughter watched it over and over again 

that song drove me to the point of insanity ( everything is awesome)  LoL

But good luck to the guy its a good model a little pricey though.


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Video of M1A2 and MILAN teams in life-fire-ex. See at 2:33, the MILAN fired from Tripod(long)...(the short tripod gets attached to the top of a longer tripod). Wish we had those in SB to get view over that f*cking gras :-/



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