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Sinai toured by Israeli civilians after the 1967 war (last two minutes are unrelated):



Two Egyptian Centurions are seen on 0:50 and 0:56 among the T-54s in a war booty lot. AFAIK the Egyptian army had just one Centurion battalion, which was decimated in the war.

The burnt-out Egyptian vehicles, seen between 1:15-3:20 and 4:28-5:12, were destroyed by the IAF and by the Centurions of the reserve 200th armored brigade in the Mitla Pass, while trying to flee back to Egypt. The 200th armored brigade penetrated Sinai through Wadi Haridin, considered impassable to armor by the Egyptians, and dashed to the Gidi and Mitla passes in order to block retreating Egyptian forces. Some of the Centurions ran out of fuel (even with the third fuel tank welded to the rear hull, it could go only 9 hours, as opposed to 16 hours after dieselized in 1970) and were towed forward by others. 







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