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Filming of a drama TV series about the first 3 days of the 1973 war in the Golan Heights:




8 episodes are planned for the first season, to be broadcast in 2020. On 1:55, the Latrun Museum Curator, Michael Mass, praises the production's commitment to historical accuracy, as opposed to other war films.

Two Centurions in running condition were received from the Latrun Museum for the Golan field footage. For the in-tank footage, they use this Centurion (not cut in half like the M48, but these "windows" are useful):



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A realtime testrun of the first scenario for the GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret. This time in the gunners seat.
Also test of setting up multiple controllers for Steel Beasts with JoyToKey. At this time I have added functions to a set of TM Couger MFD's, CH Flightstick Pro and a G27 shifter. My main stick is my modified TM T16000. Next to come: more functions on the MFD's and shifter and Logitech and CH throttle quadrants.

JoyToKey: https://joytokey.net/en/ 





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Danish Army Exercise 2002 in Oksbøl 

I just stumbled upon these.

At least 12 16 minutes videos.

The best Leopard 1 and M113 sounds I have heard. It is close to like being there yourselves.

A nice wide sprinkling of Danish Army Vehicles and Fennec and Cayuse helicopters






Hope you enjoy.

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With brass casings, I suppose this is the equivalent to lap loading taken to the extreme, but it's not inherently unsafe. The advantage is that you don't have to unload the gun if the commander has a change of mind or the target disappears. That would strike me as the one significant advantage.


It may also be a reflection on legal regulations in the Argentine Army. Maybe there is a general directive that the gun must not be loaded at any time except immediately before firing; in that case, that's what such a regulation will get you. Or unloading guns is forbidden, or made very uncomfortable ("to unload the gun, request form sheet 1893-C/2(III) in triplicate from range control, fill it out using CAPITALIZED LETTERS, and hand the white copy to range control, the pink one to ammunition handling, keep the green for your records, and file a gun unloading report no later than 0800 the next day with written testimony of the turret crew and their next of kin").

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