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IDF 440th armored division Tiran-5 tanks in desert training, 1976


After the 1973 war, the IDF Tiran fleet was beefed-up from one armored brigade to four. Three of them composed the 440th armored division, which was based at the ex-British camp in the Rafah Gap, and the last one (with Tiran-6 tanks) was based in northern Israel. 

The tanks are already sporting 105 mm guns and most of them also have rubber fenders (likewise the Bovington Tiran-4 from the previous post), but no external stowage bins on the turret yet. Tank number 130381, seen on 0:58, can be pointed out as 1973 war booty, since these were numbered 130### and 131###, whereas the 1967 war booty tanks (including the ex-Jordanian M48s and Centurions) were numbered 109###.


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More than 3.5k servicemen and 900 pieces of equipment from the Leningrad Oblast's 138th and 25th Motorized Rifle Brigades are set to conduct a force-on-force exercise. The video shows a large number of T-72B3 tanks, MT-LB, 2S3 Akatsiya, and BM-21 Grad.




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I read recently 'that the robot dogs' were to be used for base security. Which irremediably triggered a recollection of 'police' drones in central park (I think) that scared people (911 calls were made) and people actually tried to report 'crimes' to the drones, but the drones were being run as a test by a private company and nothing was passed on to the police.

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