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A bit of what is happening for those who have not seen a Sqn fire mission on a target. We practiced this a lot.

1- Troop leader id the trg

2-Calls out final range after firing to determine range

3- Rest of gunners applies range to sight picture

4-Sqn fire order sent

5-3 round gun fire is ordered

6-Firing now 


Used to support a Mech Inf assault, and targets out of sight (arty method).

The Cougar AFV had a 22,000 m indirect capabilities



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2 hours ago, Rad said:

1:49 ATGM Spike kill tanks easy.


I came to the conclusion awhile ago no mater how good the AFV /Tank

Without a active protection system its a sitting duck for suicide drones and ATGMs

And the new range of Arty shells.




















































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