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Egyptian military parade, mid-'70s



0:37-0:55, 1:20-1:42: captured Israeli M48A3s, halftracks

2:32-2:53, 5:26-6:38: BTR-50s, OT-62s

4:49-5:23: paratroopers and commandos

6:38-7:03: BMP-1s

7:03-7:56: T-54s, some mounting a searchlight box

7:56-8:09: T-62s

8:09-8:13: T-55s

8:16-8:37: GAZ-69 jeeps, some mounting AT-1 Shmel ATGMs

8:38-8:43: BRDM-2s mounting AT-3 Sagger ATGMs

8:46-9:44: towed artillery pieces, BM-21s

10:46-11:09: PMP pontoons

11:29-11:42: K-61, PTS amphibious transport vehicles

11:45-11:53: GSP ferries

13:02-14:52: SA-2s, SA-3s, ZSU-23-4s, SA-6s

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It's a comedy - and a pretty good one - but not a documentary. In fact, I think that that in reality the good airforce major was actually of the class of highly dangerous individuals who are obstinate, industrious, and a complete idiot by having their mind dead set on a single issue; in this case, crew survival in the event of an impact, even if that meant to neglect any other aspect of the AFV's design.

The congress hearing with "the villain's" (Kelsey Grammar) speech has all my sympathy. When you have limited funding for your development, destructive material tests are  a bit of a problem.


That's not to say that the airforce officer didn't have a point, that the Bradley could be improved in its survivability, and no doubt this was important. But the question wasn't whether the Bradley was perfect. There was a very real danger at the time that the alternative to an imperfect Bradley for the US Army would have been to stay with much worse M113s for another decade or even longer.

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On 8/7/2021 at 11:11 AM, Iarmor said:


1. They have a YouTube channel:



2. Same tank (IDF registration 130758) in 1982, as fresh war booty:



Are Ian's comments about the 115mm having an APFS that was a full size round with fins on the back accurate?


I thought the whole point of the 115 was to transition into an APFSDS round?

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