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AAR - After Action Review

Burials of those killed in the war in Ukraine 2022.

Avoid service (slavery) in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, your young life belongs to you, live freely.


On the reasons for the defeat of the Russian Armed Forces in the war in Ukraine 2022.
"There are artificial spirits in the Russian army. Some kind of Russian spirit, what is it? No one understands. And the Russian spirit is a bottle of vodka" - Soviet and Ukrainian operative Valery Kur on air Ukraine 24 tells why the Russian army has degraded so much and how Russian soldiers have so many hatred and desire to loot.



AAR - After Action Review

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On 4/8/2022 at 3:45 PM, Captain_Colossus said:

interesting video, but the title does not correlate to what you see. i see one APC  hit and catch fire, lots of misses and shooting blind, and in the end, artillery fire on what may or may not be the same battle




Totally agree, I rate the Sun equal to CNN. 

But that's just me :)

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9 hours ago, 12Alfa said:




Z Force is an unfortunate phrase for me; last time I was in Vic Barracks (which was a long time ago) there was still a Z Force HQ. Refers to a unit that under took special operations in WWII.

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