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Israeli Armor Corps promotional film from the mid-'70s:



0:00-5:12: M60 'slick' MBTs in the Sinai, of the 500th armored brigade. In the summer of 1974, these ex-US army M60s replaced the Centurions (Shot Cals) that had been used by the 500th during the 1973 war, while the Centurions were re-assigned to other units in northern Israel.


5:12-8:37: the speaker, among other new conscripts, is sent to the Armor School and undergoes basic training.


8:37-13:02: tank crewmember training, in the classroom, firing range and in the field.


13:32-14:48: tanker training graduation ceremony at Masada, taking the warrior's oath. Speech by Moshe Peled, Armor Corps CG 1974-1979 (146th armored division CO in 1973).


14:48-16:48: tank crew, platoon and company training in the Sinai, alongside mechanized infantry.


16:48-20:55: tanker service life in different locations.


20:55-22:06: the speaker is interviewed and leaves for TC course.


22:06-23:00: TC course (the classroom part).


23:00-23:50: TC course graduation ceremony in the Sinai.

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4 minutes ago, Captain_Colossus said:


i don't believe any of those are T-72; they are t-80 based vehicles. the t-72 has a single vision block for the driver, all of those tanks have the t-80 style "3 piece" vision ports, and further more you can see the turbine exhaust port at the rear

ahh duh!!! says T80 right in description,lol.tx

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U.S. Army Test New Varian of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The M2A4 Bradley Fighting Vehicle is equipped with an enhanced drivetrain, more powerful engine, new digitized electronics, a new fire suppression system, and a new IED jammer.


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