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See for yourself:





From the first site, looks like the AMX came first.

I guess Autoloaders weren't that advanced back then....

Actually, until you said it, I never realized HOW similar they actually are... :o


And you were an armour officer how long?


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Here are vid recordings of captured Pakistani Terrorist after the 26 Nov 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The interview is pretty long. and dwells deep into the mind of young brainwashed man.

This is first and only vid recordings of this man released by Indian Police to the Media yesterday.

The vid has English subtitles.




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Some rare footage of the hungarian army in WW2


Long story very short:

1920 - the Trianon Peace Treaty was signed at the end of World War I in Versailles. Hungary lost 2/3 of its pre-war territory, mainly to Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia.

1933 - The National Socialist (or Nazi) party takes power in Germany. Adolf Hitler is elected Chancellor of Germany on January 30th. Hungary forms an alliance with Germany that is political, economic and ideological in nature. Both authoritarian regimes share a keen interest in revising the Trianon Peace Treaty.

1938 - German troops annex Austria. Anti-Jewish law restricts the role played by Jews in the Hungarian economy to 20%. Hitler returns part of a former territory in Czechoslovakia to Hungary.

1939 - Count Pál Teleki, who became Hungary's Prime Minister in March, did not join the war. He fears Germany's strength and brutality and wishes to maintain a degree of political independence. Teleki commits suicide two years later.

1940 - 1940 Hungary annexes northern Transylvania on August 3rd. Hungary, Romania and Slovakia join the Tripartate Pact between November 20th and 25th.

1941 - On June 22nd, Germany attacks the Soviet Union. Hungary, Romania, Italy joins the campaign on the East Front.

1943 - The Germans were defeated by the Red Army in the Battle of Stalingrad.

1944 - On March 19th, in response to Hungary's attempt to get out of the war and withdraw its armed forces from the eastern front, Germany invades Hungary and installs a pro-nazi puppet government.

On Oct 15th, Horthy's attempt to extricate Hungary from the Axis alliance is crushed when the Germans kidnap Horthy's son and threaten to kill him if Horthy doesn't reverse his plans to turn against Germany. Horthy is ousted. Hungarian Nazis, led by Ferenc Szálasi, begin their reign of terror and brutality. Deportations from the countryside and villages resume.

December 26th, Soviet forces completely surround Budapest.

1945 - January 17th, approximately 80 000 Jews are freed by the Russians in Budapest. Raoul Wallenberg is arrested by the Soviets.

January 20th, the provisional government of Hungary signs an armistice.

April 4th, Hungary is completely liberated.

May 8th, the day after the Germans surrender to the allies, marks the official end of the war in Europe.

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