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Nice animation clip about the greek Leopard 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7hJ7ftIZ_E

Canadians finish training with Leo2 in Munster: http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lf/english/Video/07-630HiRes.wmv

Pretty interesting animation clip. They have six more from the same program on different aspects of the Hellenic military and its new equipment. Nice find.

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you cant, as part IV never got recorded, he ran out of disc space :(

But you didnt miss anything, Zip died, I tooked over command and we charged and tooked the object :P


Will be at least pt 4 :)


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When we made the great charge to OBJ2 and after I went to cover left flank with the last tank...


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since its the video thread and i find some "watch worthy" ;) vids from time to time, i post some here.


(pretty popular, iraq kid on bike giving rubber)


(dont know what to think of this one,...maybe what they say to the end; "Railgun, Hooah!")


(you can allready imagine what will happen but still funny ;) )


(good army safty video)

(looks like "tests" :D )

(der höllenspind / the helllocker...rekruits doing their basic military service here, helping another comrade keeping his locker "allright"; their masked for security reasons it seems :D )


(private "garde"(guard) training in quaters for the sake of this video it seems)


(primitive but fun :D )

(last but not least; PINZGAUER promotion video made in the 70ies in english, great vehicle great video)

thats it at first

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