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Try to see the trend here, and compare what was possible in version 2.251 (March 2006) with what can be done today, and what will be possible soon. We may have been slow to adapt, but that need no necessarily stay that way. ;)

With the apartment blocks it surely seems that you guys are working toward enhancing MOUT in SB :)

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They laid down a hell of a lot of lead before that plane got hit!Good job they arent Air Gunners.

Actually, they usually load 2 sticks of dynamite in the RC planes.

You see the lunatic with a BAR trying to hit a plane?!!!!

My country is crazy but I love it.

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I'd be interested to see El Alamein and Italian campaign photos done like that.

As well as those flak towers that used to be around Berlin.

Conscripts (now reservists) from my current unit compiled this bit... it seems :P

(7:55 who's that handsome dressed in red on that CV ;))

And another one from a year back...

Bit hard to tell but I'd say its not recommended practice when the targets start shooting back, eh? :biggrin:

Self-Disposing AT-4 Rocket.

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This is NO SUBSTITUTE for real training on an M1A1.

To a very large extent, it is.

The problem has been that MGs in waiting have been unable to get away from 'home' for long enough to actually complete the course. So the course comes to them. Bear in mind that MG school is primarily a schoolhouse event, it consists of very little time on the tank itself because, well, they already know how to operate the tank. You don't need to have the tank physically present to pore over the circuit diagrams or cannon parts when the class has the cannon in it. I've taken a gander inside those trailers, it seems to have most anything I can imagine a MG class would need.

To the extent that they actually do need a real tank, the base will have one for them to use. After all, there wouldn't be any need for a MG to be trained if the place had no tanks.


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