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I suppose it's the worst blow that you can deal to a "supercar" dealer, especially in China. Public humiliation in a way that guarantees world-wide attention. I guess this will hurt the Lamborghini dealership more than the car was worth, and that car owner definitely earns style points for willingly sacrificing big bucks to set the score straight.

Seriously - you pay half a million for this car, and then the Lambo guys expect you to have it transported from one dealership to the next in the hope that they will be less incompetent than the previous workshop, just as if this was an ordinary car? When the next dealership is probably 1000km away?

The least thing that any Lamborghini customer needs is a car. People go there for a status symbol. They expect perfection. And the dealership mishandled the situation in the worst possible way from this perspective by treating him more or less like just any car repair case.

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To MP96,

What is the purpose of your posts? Yes, a lot of cruel and evil things happen in our world but this is not the place to discuss these things. We are just a gaming site and we talk about Steel Beasts here. If you do not have anything to contribute then do not post anything at all.

This is the 2nd time I have had to say something about posts (3rd warning in total, including the Savannah trees thread). Next time, I will do something more than just give you a warning.

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