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This is a 27 minute excerpt from a so called "Attack & Defend" mission in Armed Assault.

You can hear teamspeak from both sides. There are a few seconds of music in there but its just added for comic effect.

The attackers, BLUEFOR, consist of about 40 humans & AI + one m1 abrams, three strykers (two 50. cal & one 40mm) and one humwee.

Basically, the mission is to assault a town, but the action takes place way before that.

To get to the town the task group has to navigate trough an area with big hills on both sides, and the vehicles are restricted to stay near or on the roads. The infantry also has to stay pretty close to the task group.

These are house rules and are implemented to increase the realism as much as possible.

REDFOR consists of about the same amount of infantry and one BRDM ATGM carrier. However, they have no restrictions on their movements.

You can see how effective this works in the video, especially utilizing sniper teams combined with mines.

The sound is a bit off at times in regard to the action. This is due to me having to edit two separate FRAPS recordings with two teamspeak recordings.



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Certainly more of a training film than a propaganda one. OK, the Panther crew beats off the infantry-but that´s what training films are supposed to show. It bears a great similarity to "Männer gegen Panzer" (Men against Tanks), a very famous film showing German infantry fighting off Soviet tanks.

@Shot: If the Soviets never used magnetic grenades, why the great deal with applying Zimmerit paste to the German tanks then? ;)

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Mh. I used the word "propagda" in the meaning of a movie made from the germans for entertaining like the kind of movies made in hollywood during WWII (those with John Wayne, Charly Chaplin & co. e.g. The Fighting 69th“ (1940) or „Sergeant York“ (1941),). To show the people at home "how its done" and to keep up the moral.

I think that the english comment was added after WWII. If u listen to the voices in the movie there is no german comments. Only the tank (Pz) crew talking.

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It´s clearly footage from a training film that was used for a documentary. I´d love to find out for which one exactly as I´ve never seen that before. And generally speaking I don´t miss out on many docus of that kind. However this original footage as I pointed out is not intended for mass audience entertaining purposes. It has the same look and feel of other German training films I´ve seen.

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...If the Soviets never used magnetic grenades, why the great deal with applying Zimmerit paste to the German tanks then?
The Germans anticipated a problem which the Allies never handed them. To my knowledge, no one but the Germans employed Hafthohlladungen, at least as magnetic mines; but the Germans had, and were aware that others could.


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