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Excellent video!! Do you know where to get this in downloadable version DarkLabor?

To be honnest, I don't know but I'll try to contact: first the person who put that vid in dailymotion, and if no answer I'll try to contact the Nexter compagny to have that video.

If you want I have the .flv video but it's better to have it in a better rez.

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We saw this a long time in Korea. My Captain went over and over it with us about how it was essential for us to identify friend from foe and to always trust our instruments. He assured us that if the balloon went up that no one would get the axe for second-guessing our launches. He was a good man. I stay in touch with him.

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Interesting and well done ARMA video.


So whose up for some ARMA playing this week?:)

Now that's good! Instead of playing ArmA, you can use it to produce your own movie.

I'm in for some ArmA action. Tankhunter may even get into the fray if his copy of ArmA shows up.

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