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Not sure what type of tank shell was used, but just before the target camera goes black i see an airburst of yellow smoke, similar to that produced by the 105 mm beehive rounds on my old M-1IP. Damage to the target vehicle doesnt really look like that round was used unless it detonated too close to allow adequate dispersion of the projectiles.

What do you think ?


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not sure on the exact type, but it looks like an air burst anti personnel round smiler to this one . For the number of people in the area it seams like a bit of over kill. coax would have done the job at that range. Looks about 1200 meters. any way there was no need for it. Thats as bad as the 11 year old girl that the Israelis killed last year with a GPMG @ 600 metes. They said she looked like an armed man. lol get some binos retards

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