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And this:

According to director John Boorman, Stanley Kubrick wanted to cast Bill McKinney in the role of Gunnery Sgt. Hartman. However, Kubrick was so unsettled after viewing McKinney's performance in Deliverance that he declined to meet with him, saying he was simply too frightened at the idea of being in McKinney's presence. Kubrick then hired Tim Colceri to play Hartman. Colceri never got to play the role, as former US Marine Corps Drill Instructor R. Lee Ermey, consultant for the Marine Corps boot camp portion of the film, performed a demonstration on videotape in which he yelled obscene insults and abuse for 15 minutes without stopping, repeating himself or even flinching - despite being continuously pelted with tennis balls and oranges. Stanley Kubrick was so impressed that he cast Ermey as Hartman. Colceri was bitter but accepted Kubrick's consolation prize of a small role as a helicopter door-gunner.


- Rump

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Poor fuckers these Syrian tank crews.

No matter what side you are(guess everyone if fighting for a "just cause"), fighting in a civil war must be realy shit. Shooting at your own people and seeing your own towns go to ruin :-/

alta sedent civilis vulnera dextrae

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Somebody give them some more screws or a welding torch. Nice video!

Or teach the drivers width appreciation so they don't rip the track shrouds off on walls, etc.? :)

But the guy has probably got a point as I guess the original mountings weren't designed for all the extra weight of those ERA slabs hanging off the track shrouds.

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Guest Killjoy
:eek2: An Arabian chap not spouting "Alla's Snackbar" wow!

Progress! :)

Nice to see the manufacturers actually getting firsthand feedback from their users. :biggrin:

"Welcome to the Uralvagonzavod complaint's department, please take a number."


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Cool video.

I was impresed with the speed of the Javelin dissmount team.

Compared with our SB arthritic soldiers that move at 10 meter per minute thos Australian soldiers are olimpic athletes. :biggrin:

But I think they missed the shot. :biggrin::biggrin:

Now seriously, I will scared if I am the enemy, great video

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they will be showcased in the upcoming Die hard 5 as well, which was filmed here.

Hmm Hungary seem to be the go to place for filming these days.

Those Halo Shorts, starting with HALO 3 ODST


HALO 4: Forward Unto Dawn

BSG Blood & Chrome

Think XXX was filmed there.

Anytime they want a cheap knock off Moscow = Pest

(Buda is bit posh)


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