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Firing Sound Pack

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I rediscovered this sound pack on my hard drive and thought I would share it with the community. It contains 6100 sound samples of various guns firing, ranging from handguns to large caliber cannons. I acquired this pack during my Ghost Recon modding days which explains why most of the sounds are of the assault rifle variety.

Please note that I am unsure of its origins or if there are any copyright issues. The included readme file was not very informative on this. Nevertheless, here it is for all you modders to play with...

http://www.dejawolf.com/FiringSoundsPack.zip (192mb)

A thanks goes out to Dejawolf for hosting this file.

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Finally something for sound modders to use besides poor quality Youtube recordings. ;)

Unfortunately it is OGG compressed format, mono, and severely clipped, but still it is better for sound modders than Youtube.

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