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Scenario download trouble

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I'm kinda new to steel beasts and I am having trouble downloading certain scenarios. Half of the time I download a zipped file where I'll extract and it and drop it in my scenario file works fine. The other half that I download are not zipped files and when I drop the file in my scenario file, it does not show up when I launch the game. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

thanks in advance!

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The other question is, are you looking in the right place?

Steel Beasts has two locations for scenarios.

The default ones are stored here (under Windows 7):

C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\scenarios

The usual place to put downloaded ones is:

C:\Users\username\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios

So if you have put it in "scenarios" by chance then make sure you select "scenarios" from the pull down option in the Steel Beasts menu.

When you run an offline session, Steel Beasts by default looks in the "My Scenarios" location.

It maybe as simple as that. :)

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I just tried to download . . .

M1A1 Platoon Attack on Reinforced Motorised Rifle Company v2.2 (3.002)

the file downloaded looks like this (not zipped) see image.

I have been dropping them in 'my scenario file'.

Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it!



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Thanks so much. I am a little IT inept. Would you be able to tell me how to expand?

The file needs to be expanded (with a .sce extension) when you put it in the folder to appear in the list.

Well I have a full version of Stuffit (costs $) which expands lots of formats.

I believe there are other free ones that can do it too.

Grenny suggested "winzip" but there may well be others.

Maybe a quick search for "rar format" might give you links to other tools?

The feed back is awesome!

You are welcome. :)

Edit: Looks like Tacom has pointed you in the right direction. :)

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