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Better Graphics with Nvidia Inspector


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Download Program.


One-Profile setting.

We are opening a new window:

2-New profile.

3-Add Application or what is the same, where we tell the game's executable file.

4-After covering just have to go boxes that will frame, including FXAA, that are not red.

5-Finally we apply changes and run the game. Changes are forever, regardless of having or not running Nvidia inspector.

** Note that all parameters are variable as a function of the power of your computer, in this case a I7 920 with a GTX570.

For example where you put antialiasing setting you can upload up to x32 without your graph is that it holds, and I will not stay at pictures, I have not tried it but here I get 40 fps no problem.

If you see the output decreases as parameters to vary slowly but antialiasing is where you'll notice it most.








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