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D.O.W. Sunday Mission 07/12/14 20:00 GMT


Battle of the Beast

Mission summary:

Training mission for the D.O.W.

Emphasis on movements + formations

A version of this mission has been carried out in the past however this has been modified for training.




• Rescue CIA agent (1/1/D) and escort him to the CIA safe House

• Take out the enemy fuel supply located in Fallujah

• Take control of all four objectives

• Destroy all encountered enemy.

Mission start: Dawn.. Low vis



• AH-64A Apache

• CH-146 Griffon (Extract)


• M1A2(SEP)

• Leopard 2A5A1-DK

• M2A2(ODS)


• M88A1 MRV

• M977 HEMTT/Supply

• M978 HEMTT/Fueler

• Biber

• M109A3

• M13A3/Medic


Russian equipment…


must be used from DOW's SOP


** Notes **

SB Version: 3.011

Mission Name: Battle of the Beast

Created by: Assassin7

Multi-Crew: Yes

Single Crew: Yes

Mission Duration: 90 minutes approx

Date: 07/12/14 Sunday

Time: 20:00 GMT

Time (local): http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20141207T20&p0=136&msg=DOW+Steel+Beasts+Meeting&csz=1

Teamspeak IP: , Port 9987

Room: Dogs of War

Player Skill/Ability:

• Completion of at least 1 full tutorial of Leo2A5 or M1A2Sep.

• Working knowledge of Comms procedure.

Dogs Of War Vehicles : (in mission)

M1A2sep within Steel Beasts


Leopardo 2A5DK1 within Steel Beasts


M2A2(ODS) within Steel Beasts



If you need Port forwarding or ANY help then please come early

You can just listen if you wish by using Teamspeak. You do NOT need Steel Beasts.


Teamspeak Download (windows): http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads&type=ts3_windows_client_latest

Teamspeak IP: , Port 9987

You can watch it live. You do NOT need Steel Beasts. Stay tuned....

All Welcome

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A most interesting and varied mission with three separate operations going on at any one time. Success required the proper use of the fulll 'spread' of SB assets: tanks, IFVs, and support vehicles. More missions like this please. :)

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Typical Tankers.

Hoggin all the glory!

I think I have a new favourite vehicle.

The M2A2 Badley is a real multi role dream.


Oh wait, hang on.....

I have a weapon that can deal with that.

*Pop! Reee-fooosch!*

The only downside,

Its a bit on the slow side.

RE the Warrior upgrade....

Bin the whole feckin' programme and buy Bradley Turrets.

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I think the 25mm autocannon is considered a bit underpowered these days.

Well If I'm honest,

In the scouting role, it did the job I needed it to on sunday.

A "snap shot" disposing of BMP 1 & 2s

If you're taking on something bigger than the 25mm can deal with, you either use the TOW, kick the inf out to deal with it or run away & call for help.

As a scouting vehicle, I love it. (That is "Commonwealth Recon" not "American Recon")

If I couldn't take a Scimitar, it'd be the vehicle I'd have.

Even though it's bigger and the primary role is radio transport, the ability to stage a hasty ambush, shouldn't be sniffed at. :)

As an IFV i'd probably want a CV9040.

That 40mm can punch right through a solid brick wall.

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