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Problems with Save-In-Progress

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Had a mission we were doing, cleared some mines with MICLIC and engineers, laid a bridge across ditch. Then did a Save-in-Progress. Restarted a week later.

Issue #1- Mines did not remain cleared through the save-in-progress. Saw mines in the field, tried to drive through them and were promptly destroyed (The bridge did remain though)

Issue #2 - Went into mission editor with the saved mission to clear out the offending minefield. After re-starting with the edited mission, all units with damage showed the repair time as "XX" and never got repaired.

If you need mission files or AAR, let me know and I can dig them up I think.

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#1 I think is a known issue.

#2 is probably unavoidable as an in-progress save creates a new scenario. With new scenarios, if a unit starts with a damage (and not a damage, if...), the damage is treated as a general condition of the scenario that is not intended to get repaired. Maybe we can change the damage state to a generic condition like "damage, if mission time > 0"

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