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Dutch Sell Combat Vehicles To Estonia

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Interesting that Holland is getting rid of some of their CV90's how many will this leave them?


My guess is 3.

1 to go on operations.

1 to train and exercise with.


1 spare.


Why maintain all those expesive conventional war vehicles when you never use them?

Better to buy mine resistant jeep and trucks with HMGs and next to no armour.

That can be used in the insurgency wars that seem all to common these days.

If you need to blow something big up call the RNAF, USAF, RAF... (take your pick.)

After all the cold war was 20 years ago wasn't it?


As you can tell I have a high opinion of the Dutch government.

Almost as high as my opinion of the current UK Govt.

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132 according to this article of which 44 will be withdrawn from service.

Feeling sorry for Dutch military... :(

Well Kuri, at least your govt isn't a bunch of f**King idiots.


Might I suggest you guys have a quiet word with Finland?

I think they have some Leo 2A4s going cheap soon. :)

Or Germany for some 2A5s


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Sven Mikser, Estonian defence minister, on Tuesday sealed the biggest military procurement in his country's history, worth 138 million euros (£110 million).

The deal sees the nation of 1.3 million people buy 44 CV90 combat vehicles and six Leopard tanks from the Netherlands.

It comes a month after Mikser agreed a contract worth 40 million euros with the US to buy 40 Stinger missile systems.

Estonia also has an order for self-propelled guns in the works, he told AFP.

(Source: Telegraph UK)

Now, that's something to be found in the stockings...

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Yes they do, I did show it to their chief of Army ;)

Whether they will buy...

It's all about the networking.

..wonder if they know about this little tactical/vehicle simulation game that (I've heard) is out there..

I've heard you only need a commercially avaliable PCs to run it.

And the Austrailians have a setup you can pack into a box, well a few boxes.

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